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May 15, 2004
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I've got a Panasonic sky box, which for the last couple of months is showing the 'Technical fault' message on beeb1,2 & ITV, and certain other channels.
I get this almost daily, which can be resolved on a temporary basis by a reboot, or going into the LNB setup menu and switching off a couple of options, then switching back on again.

Has anyone else experienced this frequent drop-out?

Can anybody help me here...?????
Panasonics are renowned for 'not liking' certain makes of LNB and/or developing a dislike for an LNB as it (the LNB) ages for some reason.

I had exactly the same thing with my Panasonic TU-DSB30 - and a change of LNB cured the problem.

The other possibility (particularly as your Panasonic is showing the classic loss of channels carried on Astra 2D), is that fitting a Satcure Panafix2D Mk2 Filter modification kit will cure the problem:
Some older Panasonic Sky Digiboxes eventually exhibit the following symptoms when used with certain LNBs:

"No Satellite Signal .." message when ITV or BBC (and other Astra 2D programmes) are selected. This is usually intermittent and can be cured by flicking up and down the channels and always by momentarily disconnecting the LNB cable at the tuner "F" connector* behind the Digibox.

Coninued HERE.
I had a similar problem when I first had my Panasonic box.

Sky replaced the LNB a couple of times, but the problem came back (just different channels)

Eventually the engineer replaced my double LNB, with a quad LNB and that sorted it.

So if you have a double LNB it's worth getting an engineer out. It's also worth phoning up, as they will refund a few weeks subscription, if you moan enough.

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