Sky radio channels, knackered sound????


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All my Sky radio channels seem to be up the creek tonight, crackling sound (like shorting out) on Radio 1, 2 etc. seems normal Sky is OK, has anyone else got this problem? Is this a regular thing as only just started listening to the radio through sky? Also am playing it through an Amp using DTS Neo could this be causing the problem?

All help appreciated :smashin:


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Hard to tell with R1 since it's playing dance tracks and well they all grate on the ears :)
Can't test the audio on my SKY+/av amp setup since it's dual recordin atm so had a listen to my digibox hooked up to my PC and that sounds ok although I haven't gone through every radio channel.

Radio on dsat is actually pretty good, far better receptition and performance compared to DAB and hooked up to a decent amp you should be very happy with it's reproduction.
DTS sound processing shouldn't have any effect on a stereo source (at least nothing but what was intended) so at a loss now if the TV channels sound ok to you.


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Cheers this is what I thought, I guess will just have to try again another day and see if the problem persists. Thanks for the response

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