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Sep 13, 2010
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Recently ordered sky+ , broadband and phone deal. Anyway they came to install tv part yesterday and came with HD box. Installed it all fine and left a reel of phone cable in the corner. Now should this be connected into the box or not?
Another question is do the send the router threw the post?
Your help will be much apprieated
You only need the box plugged in if you wish to order sky box office or if you have multi room although I personally don't but i do hook it up every now and then. They will post the new router
HD boxes are supplied as standard whether or not you take the HD pack.

Sky Broadband is a separate contract, is self-install and the router will be sent through the post together with microfilters and full instructions.

Any new installation is 'supposed' to have the phone line connected to the box for 12 months but, in practice, Sky rarely bother to check on single box installations - Multiroom is another matter and is checked.

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