Sky Query - Did a manual callback on second box - multiroom charge?



Hi, I recently bought a second box for my room and got it connected to our quad-lnb, i used an older yellow house card we had from a previous cancelled subscription to gain the free channels.

Anyhow, ch4 and five and sky 3 weren't appearing so I did the callback to get them. Success, however I seem to have all the channels we have subscribed to , I think this is because the card had our details and the subscription was on sky's system.

This is all good but i have a hunch that sky will be able to detect 2 signals come from our house. so I have 3 questions

1) Will Sky detect this?
2) will they cancel or charge me?
3) Can they charge me, as I bought the box and the card was from before...



:) yes sky will know about your 2nd card ,all callbacks are monitored by a very powerful IT system not sure if they can or will charge you cant say to much ;)


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seeing as you are using their systems, if the channels you are getting in the second room are the same as your primary room and are more than freesat gives you then yes they will be able to charge you for it.......altho they will have to warn you of this first...they cant simply deduct the funds.....like any pay for service system, you have to be informed that your charges are changing with notice........(altho this mostly pertains to direct debit or standing orders........if you have some other arrangement then its a little different).....however as you are assumed to have read skys T&C then as far as they are concerned you are aware of the muliroom side of things and should accept this extra charge if you are taking the services........altho iirc companies who change t&c at any time should always send out documentation, not just assume you will check it at your own decision....in other words a very old sky customer should at some point have been appraised of the multiroom system becoming available and the conditions attached, so therefore cannot plead ignorance....

its a very legal thing...lol

i doubt you'll get away with it put it that way....heh


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No, the card will simply expire and revert to a "Freesat" card in a few days.


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magneticman said:
Anyhow, ch4 and five and sky 3 weren't appearing so I did the callback to get them.
You don't need to do this, ever. Just put the card in and wait for a few hours.

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