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I have had a Sky Q box now for 18 months and I have had picture issues for quite some time now. Posting on here to see if anyone else has had similar problems.

After the Sky Q box has been on for a little while the picture starts breaking up and I get vertical green lines down the screen on regular intervals. If I rewind back the pixelation/green lines are not in the same place.

Once it starts, the picture issues get more and more frequent. It can happen every 10-20 seconds for 5-10 mins then it’ll settle down for a bit. Then start up again.

Picture breakup/Pixelation issue lasts for a second or so, the green vertical lines for a few seconds.

Anybody else experienced this? Is my Sky Q box corrupt?

I have attached a pic of the green lines

Anyone got any ideas what is causing this? It’s really annoying!



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Get Sky on to It at once!


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I’ll give a different HDMI a whirl. The cable I use is a decent one. If it was the HDMI would it not be doing it permanently?

Anyone seen the green line phenomenon I’ve pictured?

I switched over channels and all is fine for 10-15 mins then it starts up again 😡


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There could be an intermittent fault so it's an easy first thing to try before contacting Sky.
Clearly a fault. As above try a new cable, and then get Sky in.


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If a new HDMI cable doesn't sort it then you'd probably be quicker just doing a box swap yourself rather than waiting for an engineer. Use the replace hardware link on the Sky website and they'll courier you a new box usually within 24 hours. You give the duff box, remote and HDMI cable back to the courier (KEEP YOUR VIEWING CARD THOUGH!) and you connect the new one yourself.

Sky - Replace Hardware

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