Sky Q setup advice - ARC and 4K HDMI Extender?


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Hi all,

I've been browsing this forum for many weeks now and there's lots of useful info from the resident experts and my knowledge around this area is slowly building up so thank you, but time to ask for some advice I think as I'm still a novice!

I've bought a flat and am moving in shortly, an extension was done last year and they've had CAT6 cabling routed to several points, the current owner has some form of AV hub in a storage cupboard in the hallway. There are two RJ45 sockets behind the existing wall mounted TV and looks very tidy (no wires / set top boxes etc), the CAT6 must only be run <10m.

My set up is: 1 x LG OLED TV, Sky Q UHD (and Sky broadband) and a Sonos Beam.

My concern is that the current owner never had Sky and so if I was to have a localised set up, I'd need to run a cable from the front of the house (sky dish will be on the front) all the way through to the extension at the back. Sky box would then need to be mounted behind the TV and it's wires somehow hidden which I imagine would cost me a fair bit to have an electrician come in to hide in skirting and then chase up through the wall etc (I assume they'd locate existing trunking used for CAT6?).

I therefore thought that a remote solution may be neater. Have the Sky box and router located together with an HDBaseT extender and then connect through CAT6 to the TV. This is where my knowledge falls down somewhat, particularly around ARC.

I'm guessing it's not as simple as just buying this - ARC 4K HDBaseT Extender - connecting my Sky box to the transmitter and then HDMI from the receiver to my TV with the Sonos connected directly to the TV via the ARC HDMI port. What I've seen on various diagrams suggests that you need some form of AV receiver as well? If so, this option may well prove too expensive.

EDIT - Have watched a couple of videos and think I was being a little stupid, the audio only needs to be returned if your speakers are wired separately over ethernet elsewhere, i.e. speakers in the ceiling or back of the room etc. Is that right? If my sound bar is plugged directly into the TV then shouldn't need ARC compatibility on my HDBaseT extender.

Any help on recommended plan of action would be much appreciated. I'm very much a novice and haven't done anything like this before, but would be great to have a tidy set up.
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'the current owner has some form of AV hub in a storage cupboard' - would be good to know what is in the hub.

SKY Q (via HDBT Extender) > TV > SONOS ARC - ideally you want an eARC enabled TV.

AVR - is not required if you are using a powered soundbar such as the SONOS ARC.

SONOS ARC - if required you can 'expand' the SONOS ARC using the SONOS SUB plus a pair of additional SONOS speakers for surrounds duties. The SONOS devices connect to each other wirelessly.

HDBT - you are correct in your EDIT, you will not require an ARC or eARC compatible Extender if you are going from the SKY Q to the TV.



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Thanks Joe, that's helpful and likely that I'm over complicating matters in my head.

My TV will be eARC enabled and I'm also interested to know what is in this current AV hub. I've only viewed the property once and will need to wait until I'm moved in to give the cabling setup a proper look.

Will get one of the 4K HDBT extenders and should hopefully be relatively straight forward. I think definitely preferred to having the Sky box next to the TV and start running cable through existing conduits etc.

Much appreciated, thanks.

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