Sky Q replacement DVR faulty - twice


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Am I unlucky or just doing somthing wrong ? My gen 1 2tb box gave up the ghost last week . It started freezing and would not boot up .
I called up and got a swap out . This was a recon and the trim was slightly Unclipped . This would last about 5 mins before freezing . Some mixed boot screens going green and after all the sky fault finding suggestions again it froze .
I got the second replacement today and guess what - again the same sort of problems , Intermittent freezing ultimately a refusal to boot .
it’s not overheating as I have it completely out of the cabinet . The black initial screen started going green so I’m guessing the motherboard has had it ?
anyway another call back from sky tomorrow as the new system is that a separate department has 25 hours to call you back to arrange replacement . The original call handlers are not allowed to authorise replacement any more as apparently they sent too many out during lockdown .
anyone else had a similar drama ?


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Sounds like it might be worth asking them to send someone out to check the LNB and cabling.


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I am on my 3rd box. My problems was with the HDMI socket. Box replaced and I now have a 3rd gen box and so far no problems.


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Ok , by way of an update for anyone searching similar threads -
Resolved !
there is an issue with the Sky Q box connecting via wifi with my router setup .
specifically the TP Link Deco M5 range extenders ( excellent kit by the way) .
mot is somthing to do with the Mesh system conflicting and will lock up the box .
It works via hardwire .
I had my third box lock up ans began to look at other options .
to revive it I did the power on software update . 001 on the menu to factory restore ( as reset network also caused a lock up ) .
I then booted normally connected via Cat5.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to feed this back to sky techs? It’s an issue that I think they need to be aware of and by diagnosing could cause themselves and the customer a lot of time, money and grief .

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