Question Sky Q Remote Control & Magic Eye

Turbo Tony

I'm considering upgrading to Sky Q from Sky HD+ and have a couple of questions about controlling Sky Q:

1) Currently, I have a a Philips Pronto remote control setup, which communicates with my Sky HD box with a magic eye. With Sky Q, will I have to use a front-end IR blaster, or is there an IR connection on the back?

2) The magic eye on the back of the Sky is also connected to another TV in the kitchen. The Sky HDMI is split to show the video on that TV and the magic eye is used for control. How can I control the Sky Q box from the kitchen? Is the second remote bluetooth?

Racy Jace

Active Member
I have the 2tb skyQ box and that remote uses Bluetooth. You could maybe but an extra remote for the kitchen?

My skyQ allows me to watch sky on my 10 inch tablet. It runs as a separate device so I can access the main box, watch what I like and it doesn't effect the wife watching her stuff in the main room.

Turbo Tony

Thanks for the reply, that I think will solve the kitchen control issue.

To control a Sky Q box with IR, does that mean I'll need an IR blaster at the front of the main unit? Where is the IR receiver on it?

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