Sky Q reliability?


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My 5 year old Sky+ HD box has started losing the ability to connect to wi-fi, needing turning off at the wall and back on again every week or so.
Since Sky are only issuing Sky Q boxes now, that is what I'll get if I request a replacement.

In the past I've read about Sky Q reliability issues, but I would hope that these would have been ironed out by now.
I have the complete Sky package including telephone and broadband, so the reported problems of Sky Q not playing nicely with other broadband providers will not be an issue.

Comments would be much appreciated.

Apologies is this is covered elsewhere.

tom 2000

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I have Sky Q with BT Broadband. It’s as reliable as any other piece of equipment.


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I recently switched from a very reliable Sky+HD box to Sky Q. The first Q box they installed (a V2) had an incredibly noisy hard drive and constant fan running which was very distracting in a quiet room. It would also fail to boot up properly from standby on a daily basis. The replacement box is a V3 which is much quieter but not as silent as the +HD box was, but at least hasn't crashed.
In terms of reliability this one seems OK so far. I have Sky Broadband but use a wired connection into the back of the box. I don't have any mini boxes for multi-screen so can't comment on that but all On Demand content downloads quickly and without any buffering. Netflix works pretty well but the picture quality is better on the app built in to my TV.
Sky Cinema movies in Ultra HD do look impressive and Dolby Atmos works well.
TBH, if you don't have a massive TV, aren't fussed about UltraHD or HDR then I'd recommend buying a second hand +HD box from somewhere and continue as you are. Sky Q feels like it still needs tweaking, in much the same way as the original HD boxes did. Remember when there were different boxes from different manufacturers like Pace and Thomson, some which were quieter or had dodgy power supplies. It was pot luck which one you got, and it's much the same with SkyQ - you can't request a V3 box over a V2 unless you happen to get a clued up installer who knows what they're installing.


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I'm fairly sure you can still get refurbished HD boxes if you want; yes Sky will push you towards Q, but you can still cancel and revert back to HD within the cooling off period if you did take Q.

I've been on Q for a few years and have had no long term problems using Sky Q with BT broadband. Have to re-boot the main box about once a month and the mini's (2) less often. I'm still on the original Sky Q Silver 2TB box I got four(?) years ago. I would recommend using wired ethernet for at least the main Sky Q box if you can, as this significantly reduces the wi-fi traffic and is more reliable.


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I have a 55" LG OLED, so it would be nice to finally bring Sky screaming and kicking into 4K.
I read somewhere that only the V3 boxes have HDR ability, so I assume that I could request one


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The V2 and V3 boxes are both HDR capable. Only the V1 doesn't do HDR - it still does UHD though. I'm currently on the v1 box so can't get HDR :-(
I would make getting a V3 box part of the deal with Sky if you do go to Q as the V3 is reportedly quicker and quieter.
Once you are used to the Sky Q interface, which is more logical than the HD box but much different, then it should be plain sailing.


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I have just converted to Sky Q and bought a pana 65HZ1500 tv. I was on sky hd with a pana 55vt65.

If truth be told I wish I was still on the Vt65 and sky HD. Much better picture generally I think. UHD is very good though on Sky Q but a lot of viewing is not on that. I've etherneted everything up so not to use wifi. I think the Sky Q mesh can mess up your wifi (and I'm o sky broadband).

I'd recommend getting a second hand HD box as suggested unless your TV is 4K and >= 55inch.



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For me the picture quality difference between my old 2TB Sky+HD box and the new 2TB Q is noticeable, even in HD, and that's only on a 50inch Panasonic LCD. Maybe it's dependent on box type again.
As @leasty suggests, you can try requesting a V3 but it often gets forgotten. I requested a V3 when I ordered but the installer only had a V2 on the van and no record of the request. He also had no idea what HDR was. :facepalm: After a day of trouble with the V2 I reported it dead on Sky's website and they couriered a V3 to me next day that I installed myself. It's much better so far.
Negotiate with Sky anyway - once you get the LNB swapped on your dish you can always get the box swapped later if you end up with a V1 or V2. I managed to get the package I was on before with UltraHD and Netflix included for less than I was paying with the +HD box.
You get a cooling off period too, so if it turns out badly you can get them to swap you back to your old system, and get a new refurb or second hand HD box instead.
Good luck!


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Personally I've never seen a difference with the picture quality from my Sky Q V1 box against the old HD box, but I changed my TV at around the same time I upgraded so only limited comparisons.
But the reliability has been good, most of the problems have been minor irritations rather than actual problems with operation or picture quality. Don't forget that the vast majority of satisfied users don't post on these forums - most of them don't even know the forum exists.
Plus of course there used to be many gripes back in the day about Thomson Sky HD boxes! I am not super impressed with Sky Q as a platform, but to be fair I have found it pretty reliable.


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i highly doubt you will get issued with a version 3 box at the moment as they are in very short supply and not had any in my deliveries for a couple of months they are like rocking horse poo at the moment, only version 2 on my van.

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