Sky q quality drop


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Hello. I have quite a simple setup. 4k TCL tv on the wall, 3 metre hdmi cable through the chimney breast that was connected directly to the sky q box. I bought a sideboard and because i need a bit of extra length i bought a ugreen 0.5 metre extension cable and placed the sky q on the sideboard. Now what has happend is that with the extension cable i have noticed a reduction in quality. Its subtle, colours seem washed out a bit, movement isnt that smooth and mysteriously the dolby audio symbol is being displayed. Is is possible that a reduction in quality could occurr by attaching a 0.5 metre extension cable. Confused....its not just the sky q box by the way, the ps3 with an identical setup and extension cable portrays similar symptoms. Many thanks


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Given that Sky and Sony both look worse with the extension cable, it's the extension cable that's at fault. Just buy slightly longer HDMI 2.1 cables instead.

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