Sky Q optical out sound mutes when TV switched off (Sky Q box definitely still on)

The Hemulen

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This is an odd one and has me stumped..

I have my Sky Q box linked to my Cambridge Audio amplifier via a TOSLINK optical cable so I can use the Sky Box as a digital radio source. All works fine and can happily listen to Sky's digital radio stations via the HiFi.

All works fine that is until I switch off the Samsung TV (to save power and stop and risk of the station logo screen burn).. After about 15 seconds or so the sound cuts. The Sky Q box is still on (green light on its panel plus if I use the Sky remote to up channel a couple of stations when I switch the TV back on it has indeed moved up two stations).

Just to confirm, the optical cable is plugged directly into the Sky Q box not looped via the TV.

If I pull the HDMI cable from Sky box into TV and then switch off the TV then the Sky Box carries on outputting audio so it's obviously something that the TV is sending but what? It isn't shutting down the Sky box and how could it just mute the optical out?

I thought perhaps the ECO settings on the Sky box might detect the TV powered off and part shut down the box but swapping those settings makes no difference.

Anyone got any idea what else I could try? Presumably switching off HDMI control would sort it but I'm not loosing that functionality I use all the time for the occasions I use it as a radio source.

Cheers for any sugguestions.

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