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Hi - I am hoping someone can confirm if my proposed setup will work and also recomend which 3 way spiltter/diplexer will work.

I have attached my existing SKY HD/CCTV/Digital aerial distrubution setup. also my proposal which will remove SKY HD and replace with another modulator and a Q box.

Any help would be appreicated.



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The splitter you are using as a combiner will work as shown in both diagrams.
I assume the DA powers the magic eyes.

BUT do Technomate deprecate passing the UHF TV aerial signals through them in their instruction manuals? If <no> then take the aerial signal to first modulator input and then there's no need for the lossy (-4dB) combiner unit at all!

Channel numbers:
I'd probably choose channels between 60 and 68 currently for both Technomates. Other suitable channels will depend on your Location and the TV transmitter signals receivable. It may also depend on the TVs connected (e.g. one of my Panny's won't tune above 60 so I'd need to use channels in the 21 to 60 range.).

Double check the magic eye signals are compatible with the technomate IR return and Q remotes? (They seem to be from a quick spec read).

NB Sky Q can do UHD with a suitable TV but these modulators will limit that to HD 1080 signals.

Get $ky to install a hybrid lnb and extra cables so the $ky HD box can still be used in a freesat-from-sky mode?


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Thanks for the reply.
Good shout regarding keeping the HD box as a Freesat. Although i guest i would need another modulator to benefit. All my units are in a comms rack.

I am in Essex.

I will just use a standard powerpass 2 way out/out/in splitter.
TVs are
Sony x 3
Samsung x 1

The Technomate has an IR 9v enabled switch and passthrough, therefore I hoping it will power the eyes.
In the current setup the eyes are powered by the RF2 out.

I am told that Q use either wifi or bluetooth for remote signal. Although reading through some threads I have just bought a few IR remotes online. Hopefully will do the trick.


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RF2 out is rarely able to reliably power more than two eyes afaik. You show four unit being fed. What is the amplified splitter make and model? Quite a few have dc supply capability (and would likely be needed for an 8 way DA)?
See Split Digibox RF outlet for other TVs

You'll maybe need to ensure the IR Technomate box is last in line before DA as the other Technomate is unlikely to pass DC forward and VHF for ir control back (at least check with them/the spec/manual that it will).

I still see no need for a combiner if aerial feeds through the two modulators. But your existing one works now so should do so with the extra modulator box.

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