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Ive just changed from Sky HD to Sky Q with 2 mini boxes. The issues and problems I faced prior to the installation today largely fall on my property being situated in a semi rural position and wishing to connect a mini box into a separate detached barn conversion which is used as a games room. The walls within my property are old and thick (a bit like me!!!) and to add to an already existing problem were 6 miles away from the nearest telephone exchange so we have a wireless broadband setup (not satellite) which to be fair provides us with a max speed of 20Mb. The separated barn/games room has wifi through a point to point to the main house.

A Sky engineer has been today and had no problem in fitting the main Sky Q Box, one of the mini boxes was to be connected to the main lounge and after spending a bit of time finding a place where a signal could be transmitted through a Sky Booster box we got the mini box connected in the lounge but the placement of the booster box is far from ideal (on the floor within a walkway!!). The mini box within the separate games room was a total non runner via an ethernet connection to one of the point to point masts to the main house. The engineer said that it wouldnt work unless the cabling was directly wired from the other barn to the main house.

Im no expert in these matters so any replies would be gratefully received in simple terms!!! In my case, do I need to install Cat5 external cable from the main box to the respective mini boxes and use some sort of 4 x port/splitter at the main box connected with RJ45, or is there any other way i can achieve a sustained connection. I was always under the impression that Sky Q and mini boxes worked off the home wifi which wouldnt be a problem, Im now aware that the main box connects to broadband and the mini boxes connect to the signal from the main box.

Any advice greatfully received.


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They use their own built in mesh to prevent people getting a mini box and sticking in their mates house. So even with great WiFi if the boxes can't talk to each other they simply won't work.

You can try a power line adapter but from house to barn if that works you can add a 5 port switch to barn end which will give you 4 ethernet connections.

Or run some Cat6 in conduit and do the same thing on barn end with a switch.


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You need all your Sky boxes to be on the same network, whether that’s by ethernet cable, wifi, powerline etc. So you starting point is to work out how you want to get your setup working - are you up for adding in some ethernet cabling so all boxes are wired to your network? You can keep your point-to-point. wireless bridge to the barn providing it’s configured so that it is part of your main network rather than a separate independent network.


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Running Cat5 or 6 to your outbuilding will be an investment both for the Sky Q mini and any other devices you have out there. Using WiFi might work but if you end up with multiple devices streaming at the same time it may not cope. Powerline may work, but the only way to know is to try it - don't buy the cheapest, get a decent branded pair. Also if you can use a Cat5 cable to connect the main Sky Q box to your router do so - it will be more reliable and reduce the load on your WiFi.
If you do run cable out to the outbuilding, put two cables in - cable is cheap, getting it there is the biggest cost either in your or someones time/labour.

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