SKY Q Issues (flickering, standby problems)


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Hey. I have a SKY Q version 2 box, currently running on hardware version 32B107.
So far, I’ve had no issues with atmos or UHD flickering. I originally had that issue with the previous box when watching 4K content. ()
However, the issue I’m having is a constant flickering picture when going through a av receiver. It doesn’t happen all the time but usually happens when the sky box, tv and amp are first turned on.
I had this issue years ago quite drastically and thought it was the amp. Then I thought it was the tv. It can terribly frustrating ingesting a lot of into home cinema and tech and be met with this problems. I spent a large majority of time investigating and trying to sort this than actual enjoying my setup.
I’m gonna try plugging it into the tv directly and see if this solves the issue.
Second issue is the box seems to be picky about when it wants to come out of standby or not.
Anyone else had any of these issues?


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Connect the Sky box directly to the TV for an extended period and that should tell you where the problem lies.
It may also solve the intermittent coming out of standby problem if it’s a CEC issue with the amp.


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Tell me about it, the Sky Q boxes in my opinion are now getting a bit long in the tooth, UHD judder, sound dropouts, dark HDR, ARC issues, too many lock ups etc.

Every update they do never seems to quite solve the problems.

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