Question Sky Q Installation during Lockdown

Anyway, I'm due for a new Sky Q installation in the next week or so and I just wanted to ask for people's experience on how their installations have been so I know what to expect., in terms of engineer visits.

I've already read the update on engineer visits on how they don't come into the house and only do external works and whatnot. Just wanted to know people's experience of installation during the lockdown and if anyone had an engineer bend the rules and come into the house.

I am expecting to have the Special Heights Team so if anyone has had them out during this lockdown and can tell me about their experience that would be highly appreciated, however, anyone's experiences will do.


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They shouldn’t be breaking the H&S rules and you shouldn’t ask them to.
The rules are in place for your and their safety.


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Had my Sky HD upgraded to Q last week.

The chap came out, did what he needed to with the dish, then handed me the Q box (and mini box). Then he stood outside the window whilst I swapped the boxes over.

There was a slight hiccup when one of the satellite connectors fell off of the cable as I was attaching them to the Q box. Fortunately there was enough slack in the cable to reach the window, so he was able to put new connectors on for me.

That done and everything all connected up, he did the rest of the setup, using the remote, from the window.

Quite straightforward and at the same time quite farcical.


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They are not government lockdown rules - tradesmen such as plumbers, sparkies, gas engineers etc are allowed to enter customers property. No reason it should be any different for a Sky installer

Sky installers aren't essential workers.
Sky installers aren't essential workers.

Firstly, there is no requirement for visiting tradesmen to be defined as "key workers".

Secondly, I'm not sure why my post was deleted, I was only stating the official UK Gov guidelines, not spouting some mad conspiracy theory!

This is an internal Sky decision not to enter customer's homes, and one they are of course entitled to make - but let's not hide behind non - existent government requirements to justify it. Just saying.


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Rules are different in Scotland.

Examples of essential work may include:

  • to carry out utility (including electricity, gas, water, telephone, broadband) safety checks, repairs, maintenance and installations (where those cannot be delayed)
  • to carry out repairs and maintenance that would otherwise threaten the household’s health and safety
  • to deliver, install or repair key household furniture and appliances such as washing machines, fridges and cookers
  • to support a home move, for example furniture removal

  • So going by that guidance Sky would be allowed to enter for Broadband installation and repairs but not Sky TV.


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Hi all, i'm in the same boat here. We had a guy out early December, after choosing to upgrade to Sky Q. He said we needed the special access team.
A week or so passed and no-one contacted, after 5 or so calls, we got it rescheduled to 30th December. I called on the day several times as they'd not turned up by lunchtime - and indeed, they failed to turn up at all!
Many more calls followed - and when I could get through they told me special heights team are not doing visits due to current COVID restrictions (2 people in a van). Tried to get our local installer to do it, but he is recovering from COVID (and there could be issues with the Sky Guarantee also apparently).
We had the install rescheduled for Jan 22nd - had expected the special heights team, but the sent the standard engineer! Did not vent at the guy, as it was not his fault, and he mentioned that he had 2 similar calls for the previous day which needed special heights!
He said this was properly escalated now, he spoke on the phone for about 10 mins sorting it.
I phoned complaints, and the guy on the phone confirmed that special heights are not doing visits and that I should never have gotten that engineer appointment.
Couple of hours later, I get a text and I've got a rescheduled engineer appointment for Tuesday 26th Jan!! Bets are that this will not be the special heights team.
I know these are unique times, but it seems like Sky's systems are running in circles at the moment - as they must be still pushing the same sales targets, though completely unable to fulfil them.

Anyone else had something similar?

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