Sky Q install has stopped LG Magic remote working



I had Sky Q installed on Thursday which has the new Bluetooth remote control.

Ever since, my LG Magic remote has stopped working. Each day I need to shut down the power to the TV, wait, switch it back on and pair the remote. It works for a bit, then I need to pair it again.

Nothing else has changed since, just the Sky install. Any ideas what’s wrong? It’s so frustrating!


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Your TV possibly only allows one Bluetooth remote to be paired at a time. If the installer paired the a Sky Q remote to the box and linked it to the TV then it may have upset the connection with the LG remote. Might be worth re-pairing the Sky Q remote with the Q box & see if that helps.


Tried varous things including resetting the Sky remote, resetting the LG Macig remote, etc. Problem kept recurring. I finally seem to have sorted it by performing a complete factory reset on the TV, which was a bit annoying as I had to log back into all my apps, and re-enter all the TV settings.

I've not set up the Sky remote to control the TV, or vice versa, and it all seems to work ok for now! Hopefully it stays that way.

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