Sky Q in remote room - glitching and IR help


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Hi everyone,

Hoping I can get some help or advice on my Sky Q setup.

When building our house, I had everything routed to a central comms cupboard upstairs.
So the Sky Q box, Sky Router, all Cat6 points come back to the cabinet.

The Sky Q box is connected to a Triax MOD103T modulator complete with IR amplifier, which sends the signal out over a digital TV channel.

The picture picks up fine however we have 2 major problems:

1. Major glitching every 30 seconds - its as if the sound gradually gets more and more out of sync with the picture and then everything glitches back into place again every so often. This is an audio and slightly visual glitch and is very, very annoying. Plus, if watching anything back from a download on demand, the audio sync is way, way off and unwatchable.

2. The second problem is the remote.....there is a 2-3 second delay after every single button press which is infuriating. I've tried downloading a remote control app on the iPhone which connects to the Sky Q box, but even that has quite a lag too (plus you have to keep looking down at the phone to see what you are pressing which is not ideal).

Both these problems have just rendered the system unusable.
For the past 10 months, we have just been watching Freeview because of it, especially as we had an offer with broadband meaning Sky TV only cost £4.

However, our Sky package is now back to full price and I really want to get it sorted anyway.

Has anyone any advice as to how to sort these problems out?
Is there any better distribution hardware that is tested to work? I should point out I have both HDMI and Cat6 available beside both the TV and the Sky Q box.

Any help would be very much appreciated as i'm stuck as to how to fix.
The only other option is to pay an extra £13 a month for a Sky mini box, which is not a route I want to go down.

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HDMI over RF - is pretty ropey and not a great option esp. where you have 4K UHD Source and Display kit and and HD only modulator.

HDMI over CAT - is much more reliable, assuming you have a decent quality CAT cable, and gives you options which will carry 4K UHD (with limited compression at present).

SKY Q - the 'default' remote is Bluetooth not IR so you may find you are just within range of the Bluetooth and not actually using the RF Extender for control.

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