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I'm in the process of renovating my house and have replaced the old setup with a new aerial, larger satellite dish and a quattro LNB. I have 5 feeds running from the dish/aerial to a central location and then have wired the rest of the house up so have a total of 14 cables feeding 7 locations.

Although currently with Virgin, I imagine I'll go back to Sky eventually and therefore would like to accommodate something like the Triax TMDS 54C for the DSCR part of Sky Q.

Looking at the Triax website it appears I have 3 options for a multiswitch;

TMP 5x16, TMM 5x16 or TMM 5x16T

I believe the TMM range can be cascaded so I could expand the system in the future (if required) and the TMP is standalone.

I contacted Triax support to get a better understanding of what might be the best approach, but didn't really get an answer. They did mention that as the TMDS and TMM/TMP would use different PSU's then I would need to use in-line DC Blocks.
Anyone know what they are and where in the system you would need to implement them?

Does anyone have a similar setup and/or any recommendations about which switch/setup would best suit my needs?



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One option is to go for a single 16 output dSCR now, which can drive any existing equipment, like Freesat etc in legacy mode and is Sky Q ready if you ever need it (see HERE). The downside is the cost! You can also go for a standard cascadeable multiswitch and then add a dSCR to that for Sky Q and additional capacity as you are already suggesting. The last 4 LNB trunks should always be terminated with DC-blocked 75 Ohm terminators.


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Thanks for the response.
I'm guessing the 16 output dSCR switch is a lot more expensive than the £300 Triax 4 port one?

So if I purchase a TMP 5x16 now and at a later date purchase the TMDS 54C will I need to bother with the DC blocks?


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