Sky Q flashing screen in 1080p, not 1080i, why?


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I have, rather late on, discovered my Q box will output 1080p to my full HD Panasonic TV (8 yr old TXL42ET60B), but when I change from 1080i to 1080p I get intermittent flashes on screen, every 20 seconds or so, which have never appeared when using 1080i from the Q box. I cannot discern any real improvement with the picture, so what is the native resolution of the Q box? 1080p or 1080i? I am also thinking of going for a 4k TV, and my Q box shows 2160p as an output, will that be true 2160p or something else upscaled?
Very keen to see the new Panasonic TX50JX800B when its available very soon!


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Satellite broadcasts are 1080i. Some of the apps can output 1080p.
The Q box can show broadcast and on demand Sky content, plus Disney+, Amazon Prime and Netflix content in 2160


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So I should leave the q box on 1080i for HD TV, and let the TV upscale? Then when I get a 4k TV, set the q box to 2160p and the TV will not have to upscale, am I correct?

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