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I have had Sky Q for the last, I think, 2 years (certainly longer than 18 months anyway) and in that time the price has constantly increased to the point where it now costs £91.00 per month for a two-box setup (Sky Q + mini-box) and is too expenses, especially with electric prices escalating. We need to cut costs so Sky Q is the obvious one.

I do not really watch a lot of Sky Q myself, most of my viewing is NetFlix (which we subscribe to now via Sky), Amazon Video and Disney+. My parents, on the other, hand use Sky a lot to watch the soaps and dramas as well as sport for my dad.

My parents use the mini-box and I have the Sky Q box upstairs. We currently have a multiscreen package with Sky Sports HD and Sky Signature plus the Ultra HD upgrade but not the Cinema or Kids packages. We also do not have Sky Broadband as I live in an area where we cannot get that.

We want to downgrade the package but not outright cancel Sky Q since I realise that they would take the boxes and we would be at the mercy of Freeview, which has never been very good or reliable where we live (I cannot get the Freeview HD channels anymore for example) so I really do not want to be stuck with watching BBC or ITV live in standard definition on a 55" 4K TV.

I checked the Sky site and, as expected, we can upgrade the package via the website but not downgrade it!!! Clearly, they do not want people just downgrading or cancelling the package without a chance for them to persuade you to keep it or offer you some terrific deal that you would not have otherwise got if you hadn't rung (and my some miracle actually got through to speak to someone). That is disgraceful in itself but that's not what this thread is about.

What is the minimum HD package you get and how much does it cost per month?

We want to keep the basic terrestrial channels (BBC, ITV) and also keep the NetFlix subscription we have through Sky as well. I would also like to keep Sky One (or whatever it's called now) for future series such as House of the Dragon. We really just want to cancel Sky Sports and the Ultra HD sub. I was unable to find this information (unsurprisingly) on the Sky website as there's no way to tailor the package you have and see how much the revised one would cost.



How on earth do they get up to 91?! It starts at around 40 and can probably be reduced by discussion.


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I reduced my cost to £59 p/m with everything including Netflix but excluding Sky Cinema. That's with the main 2TBbox + 4 mini boxes, HDR etc. Just call them and have a nice chat


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We really just want to cancel Sky Sports and the Ultra HD sub.

Unless things have changed since my last renewal, if you want to keep using both boxes, you may not be able to cancel the Ultra HD sub as that includes what used to be called the multiroom sub...

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if your looking to just watch Freeview tv, Netflix, and Sky one, maybe you could look to ditch sky and go separate?

Freeview through the TV - Netflix pay direct, and then try now TV for the Sky channels you need?

Unfortunately, Freeview doesn't work reliably in my area due to the signal being blocked by a local hospital even though we have two aerials. I can get the standard def channels okay but sometimes the signal drops so it is not great. Also, I appear to have lost all of the HD channels (101-105 for BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) and am unable to get them back no matter how many times I auto retune the TV.

Unless you can get Freeview via Wi-Fi then Sky is, unfortunately, the only way for us to get a 100% reliable HD signal for the main terrestrial channels.


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Forgive my ignorance please, not sure what the interference is from the hospital. But would one of the 4G/5G "mobile signal filters" on your aerial line make any difference? I think it just alters a certain frequency band and could that be the one the hospital is interfering on? Hopefully someone who knows more what they're talking about may comment!


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have you contacted tv licensing as you are paying for something you are not properly getting. I take it you got a professional to install your tv aerials so the potential 5g interference has been bottomed out. On the £91 Sky if out of contract you’ll get that reduced a lot just by calling the cancellation line provided you are pleasant but clear on reasons.

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