Sky Q constantly disconnecting from the Internet


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Mine is perfect without the need to tinker with it and the wifi is greatly improved over previous sky boxes I had. I also have two miniboxes, one in the kitchen, not the same room as the hub or SkyQ. Another is in our bedroom, on another floor and with both I have no connection issues what so ever. I also have a desktop PC and the WiFi connection is well over 800Mbps in a room just about as far away from the hub as you could get without being outside the house beyond the front door.
Goes to show that not everybody has issues with what you describe as being a 'shoddy device'. Lol...

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Hold on.. You mentioned a 'Hub' there.. Would that be a Sky Hub by any chance?
You have Sky BB equipment by the sounds of it, of which my post is not related to if you read it properly.

I'll quote it for you again as it looks like you missed it....
It's important to reiterate some facts for Wi-Fi connectivity on these shoddy devices using Non-Sky broadband equipment....

My post relates to SkyQ equipment and their connectivity issues when you're not a SkyBB customer and not using their isp equipment.

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