SKY Q connectivity issues using Sky broadband


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Hope everyone is good and this is on the correct page ???

A quick qustion that I would love your feedback or ideas and experience on - Thanks in advance for your help

My current set up is Sky Q 2 Tb main box and 3 Sky Q minis around the house and one in an outside room approx 30m from the Sky Q router in the house.

I purchased 2 secondhand Sky Q wireless booster boxes and a Sky Q mini box. The idea being that one booster would sit in my downstairs room nearest the wall to the garden (I cound not run the CAT 6 thru the house to the router) - I then ran a 30m CAT6 cable from it to the Garden room and connected the second Sky Q booster to that - The Sky Q mini box in the garden room is then connected wirelessly to the Sky Q booster (connected using WPS).

There is definately a stronger Wifi signal in the garden room with this set up but sometimes the signal strength can drop from a max of around 30Mbps to under 5Mbps- This is also happening around the house.

If I rebout the router it resumes at the best speeds.

I have the latest Sky Q router and pay for the guaranteed speeds

Manufacturer - Sky
Model - SR203
Firmware Version - 5.14.2403.R
DSL Firmware Version - A2pvfbH043p1.d26u

Sky Broadband Router 2.4ghz desired channel is set to auto and using channel 11 and bandwith setting is 20MHz
5.ghz sync is on and and using channel 36 with a bandwith of 80MHz

My assumption is Sky Q boxes use a 5ghz mesh,

Before I ring Sky and try and convince them to send someone around is there anythig avaiable like and app or some network sites that can help me to check the Mesh network is set up correctly and that I am using the correct 2.4ghx and 5ghz settings ????


If you've bought a second hand mini from anywhere, then Sky won't support it and may well brick the device, especially if you ask them for help with it.

It's stolen property, so send it back for a refund.

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