Question SKY Q - can't pause live TV consistently


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Only had Q installed for about 3 weeks now and getting used to its positives, but also its many drawbacks compared to my old HD box. One thing annoying me is pausing live TV. I initially thought that maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to whether I had hit the pause button when leaving the room, as several times when returning after maybe 5 minutes, the program I was watching was playing on the screen.

I have had a look on various forums and on SKY's own community boards and found I'm not alone in having a box (2TB plus one mini) that pauses for random periods of time before resuming playing on its own again.

It isn't an issue with anything recorded and has so far worked great with everything I have tried, apart from pausinglive TV. I've already built up a fair backlog of stuff to watch so am reluctant to have my box swapped out. I have just got into the habit of rewinding something once I come back into the room. I don't use it that often so it's more of a nuisance than a deal-breaker at the moment.

I've done the usual stuff of rebooting the boxes etc but it doesn't appear to have fixed it. Thanks for any help.

tom 2000

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I wouldn’t leave a still picture on screen for any length of time so I press record then stop the recording play back. Sometimes that will resume from 30 minutes previously so you just have to tinker.


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Sky HD/Q boxes have pretty much always done this, I thought it was a fault initially but discovered it pauses for 15/20 minutes then starts playing if you try and pause straight after it starts to replay then it will only pause for a minute, the pause buffer is only a small portion of the drive.

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