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Hi all.

I have my Q box down in the cellar where the signal is split and a 4K signal is sent to the living room via cat 6 cable and HBDT extender then it also goes into an RF modulator and a 1080 signal is sent to the bedrooms via coax.

The Sky box is controlled in the living room and upstairs via magic eyes. I want the remote to control the TV in the living room, I go through the set up process (have to do it in the cellar), choose the tv etc and the remote control the TV but in Bluetooth mode. I have to switch to IR mode (pressing 7&9) as the Bluetooth doesn’t reach but when doing so I lose the TV controls.

Does the signal go through the Sky box or direct to the TV? Ie I have no IR set up to go from the Sky box to the TV.

tom 2000

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AFAIK the IR bit goes directly to tv to change volume etc. If I put my remote up my jumper I cannot adjust volume but can change Sky channel.


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I wonder if I should bring the box up to the TV, set it up then put the box back in the cellar.
It does beg the the question......why would you keep it in the cellar in the first place?

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