Sky Q box constant disconnecting from router.

ron swanson

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Problem as per the title.

I use to use a homehub and suffered almost daily disconnects from my sky q box. I switched to a TP Link router and the problem appeared to go away for a little while. Over the last few months however the problem has started to creep back more and more regularly and as of typing this it's done it maybe several times in the last 3 or 4 days.

BT checked the line and can find no issues. So my suspicion is theres an issue with the sky q box software. Anyone experienced the same problem and can offer any remedies?


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Some kind of channel interference, but seems unlikely? Invest in Powerline adapters and cable it instead of using wifi. Will be rock solid on a cabled connection.


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I had this similarly after installation following period of relative stability. Culminated one day with multiple reboots not resolving issue. I was on Virgin BB. Had to book engineer call out as it genuinely looked like box failure. I had too much interference/usage on the default 2.4Ghz band. Engineer forced box to use the 5Ghz band. Couldnt explain why issue crept in apart from possibly software upgrade on router that I may have been unaware of.

As per previous message hard wiring is way to go; I'm just not in a position yet to do it.

ron swanson

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Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately hardwiring is something that I can't currently do. Initially I blamed the home hub as looking on the sky forums there seemed to be an issue with Home hubs and Sky Q boxes not playing nicely. The TP link seemed to completely remove the problem for a number of months only for it to rear it's head again. I don't appear to have any WIFI issues with any other bit of equipment in the house so it leads me to believe the issue is why the sky box.

Frustratingly the issue only seems to affect non sky broadband customers.

It will sometimes work for days at a time without issue but as someone who likes to download programs overnight when no one is using the internet finding out it has disconnected 10 minutes after going to bed is frustrating to say the least!

I'll have to look into getting an engineer to visit as soon as I am able to do so.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look at my thread and please accept my apologies for the late acknowledgement.


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100% it will be channel interference. I was having a dozen dropouts a day over Wi-Fi, from both the main SkyQ box and also the mini. I added another node to my mesh system and hardwired the main box, switched off Wi-Fi and voila. Touch wood, not one single dropout in 5 days. Powerline can be hit and miss depending on your wiring but I'd avoid as they won't generally provide the bandwidth.



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I've been having that same problem for ages and I've only recently gotten to the bottom of my woes.

Turns out that it was an Amazon Fire TV stick plugged into the back of the TV causing me issues. Since Amazon Prime came to Sky Q, meaning I no longer need the Fire TV, our Sky Q mini has been behaving itself.

ron swanson

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Just an update, the hints given in the link worked for a while but over time the problem came back. intermittently at first but it gradually got worse and worse to the point where it was more often that not there were connection issues.

I've ended up speaking to sky and an engineer is coming to visit. Hopefully the issue will get sorted by them.

My feeling is faulty sky equipment to be honest.


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A similar thing happens to me,when I turn on the sky q mini on in the morning in the bedroom,the main q box has disconnected itself from the wi fi during the night.Frustrating as hell. I'm with ee,the rest of my wi fi in the house is fine.

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