Sky Q and Sony TV = bringing up Black Bravia Screen


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I searched and couldn't find anything about this issue but if it's already been raised perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.

In a nutshell the problem is this:

Sky Q 2 TB box
After being on any of the TV's internal apps or any Settings screen (of the TV) and switching back to the Sky Q, the TV occasionally fades to a black screen with BRAVIA in the bottom right corner and the sound continues. if I press the SELECT button on the TV's remote the picture returns but then exactly 60 seconds later it will go back to the black screen.

If I keep pressing the SELECT button this will repeat and repeat - the gap between restoring the picture and it disappearing again is always 60 seconds. There's no screensaver set to that time (and it shouldn't kick in anyway). If I turn off the TV and instantly turn it back on, the problem disappears, sometimes for several days.

I've no idea on the technical aspects of this but it SEEMS as if the Sky Q isn't handshaking properly with the TV when I switch back to it. I've changed the HDMI cable and used a different HDMI port, rebooted the Sky Q but none of this has solved the problem. Oh, and factory restored the TV.

I've raised a ticket with Sony but I suspect that I'll end up with the Sky Q being blamed (which my be right) but wondered if anyone else had seen this behaviour?

I had an LG C9 before the Sony - same Sky Q box and no issues like this.


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