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So I’ve invested in an 27U AV rack and having ideas on how to fill it. At the top I’d like to have a switch to forward the internet via Ethernet cable to items like ... Av receiver , blu ray player , tv, hue, Arlo etc etc ... Now I know nothing about networking, switches , and so on but I have been researching on cables. Now my TP LINK switch is 18 port 1gb ports, have already got cat 6 rj45 Ethernet cables to forward the signal all I’d need to do is out off my sky Q router sock 1 connect one end then on my switch connect the other end in socket 1 then the rest would now be like the extension to the devices like the AV Amp, tv etc etc ... using a cat 6 Ethernet cable what am I truly getting over this cable ie speeds from just the broadband (not fibre) to the end devices??? Now I know the Sky Q router ports are cat 5 (I believe) my switch ports are 1000mbps (1gb) but running a cat 6 Ethernet cable , would this make any difference? Ultimately I’m trying to cut down on wifi in the home that’s my goal and have items connected via cable where possible. My switch is a TP link T1600G 18TS and then from the switch would it matter what cable to use to connect to my items?

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Plenty guides on networking on the web - prob best to familiarise yourself with the basics before you get ahead of yourself.

The line into the property and the Broadband router will determine the max speed you can expect within the property.

Wired is always preferable to wireless - though the wifi signal will still be present within the property unless you choose to disable it.

CAT5e or CAT6 is the norm for most residential installs with solid core cable being used for longer ‘structured wiring’ cable runs between rooms and the more flexible stranded cables being used for shorter ‘patch’ cables in your rack.


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