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Yes, but I forsee problems ahead. I can't really see Virgin Media being that thrilled having Sky TV streamed over its network when it has its own offering already -- same for BT and TalkTalk, too. The likes of NowTV has been tolerated I think because it's a low rent offering. The planned NowTV upgades may change that. Although I have Freesat, I really don't want to have an LNB change and yet more cables run into my house to get SkyQ. Sky's planned IPTV offering is quite tempting though. It'll be interesting to see how this all pans-out.



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More to the point they need to offer some version of HDR


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Dishes were at one point would have disappeared, all are moving into the Netflix world of streaming.

What ever box you decide, you will have pay, paying ensures you get the best possible service from a supplier. I agree that there is nothing for free and also its not the same quality has what Sky/Virgin provide (Virgin TV is dreadful) but awesome BB speeds.
For those that moved away from Sky and Virgin have brought media boxes for streaming then paid for a IPTV service via the use of the on screen app. Also good bandwidth speed helps, its always about bandwidth.
I recommend the Nvidia Shield which I have and it's awesome and 4 too.

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