Sky Q 1Tb or 2Tb, How do i tell what i have?


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As the thread title really, just wanted to know if there is an easy way to tell what Sky Q Box i have, as i am about to by an OLED Tv and want the UHD capability of the 2Tb box.

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Check the video output options in the settings.
Google the model no shown under info in the settings.
Go into “My Sky” and view “My TV Package”
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Can you google the serial number? I think that the 2tb box had a silver band like below

dont know if that’s still the case :)


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Thanks guys for a speedy response it seems i have a 2Tb box Yippee, now am going to look out for a LG 55 9C on any Black Friday deals, hate to admit it, but looks as if Currys is cheapest !!

Thanks again for helping this newb!


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Model number is printed on the back far left side if es240 that’s the latest v2 with brick

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