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Sky Q 1TB Box - Lights


Novice Member
I have a 2TB Sky Q box, and have never had any trouble seeing if it is in standby mode (Amber light) of switched on (green light).
My mother has been setup with a 1tb Sky box today, and the Amber light is not that distinctive at all, it is sometimes hard to tell if the box is on or off.

Has anyone else noticed this at all ?

I cannot see how the box type would make the slightest difference, might just be this particular box.



Steve N

Distinguished Member
Yup, I got the latest version 2tb box installed yesterday and couldn't tell if I'd turned it off or not.
Actually I had trouble turning it off. The TV kept going on and off but it took me a good 10 minutes to get Sky to turn off.


Active Member
We've had a v2 2tb box for over a year now and I can never tell the difference between the amber and green LED.


Active Member
I personally hate the tiny pinprick power light, you shouldn't have to stare and squint just to see the power status of the device.

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