Sky puts content on Xbox console

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Sep 15, 2004
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Sky has struck a deal with Microsoft that will see its live TV and film content brought to the Xbox 360 console.
I also have the Sky HD full package & wouldnt see the point of using my
X-box for watching Sky.
But my brother (& others) who have X-box's & dont have Sky this would be a good catch at the right price.
A smart move I think from Sky & microsoft :cool:

Cheers, Jonny :smashin:
Having slept on it, I know why Sky would charge for this. They charge £10 for having a second Sky box so if they didn't charge 360 owners, then this would a be a free way to have Sky multi-room.

Shame as I would have used this when i get my new set-up in a new room but want Sky in both old and new rooms.

So whatever they charge existing owners, it must be less than a tenner ( think for £10 even with the full package you can get all the channels ) otherwise this would be pointless for those who have Sky already. AND they say it wont be all the channels

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