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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by mark raeburn, Oct 27, 2004.

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    Now on my second Amstrad box, and still problems.

    First one had an awful flickering picture.

    This second one has a fault whereby the remote control doesn't always work - very annoying.

    Now a further problem has just developed on some of my recordings it will just pause, and skip about 3 minutes, howver if I hit rewind the missing 3 minutes is there and I can watch it, however is quite annoying having to rewind every so often.

    Also last night sat down and watched a programme only for it to get halfway through and then the screen goes blank - look on the Sky+ info and it says no signal. I checked the signal strength and quality on both LNB's and these are okay.

    I'm getting really peed off with this now, am awaiting my third box from Sky and have asked for a Pace one this time - but as usual they can't guarrantee that I'll get this.

    I had planned on upgrading the hard drive however I really don't want to risk it now as I can't be certain the Sky+ won't develop some fault.

    Anyone else had these problems and been through loads of boxes?


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    Jun 22, 2004
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    Sometimes I think I have had an unhealthy number of jobs - but back in the day when I worked selling the Sky Care (their extended warrenty) we always received no end of complaints from people with Amstrad boxes - though how much of this is actual problems and how much is just popular belief I dont know.

    Of cause when I got Sky I pushed for and managed to get a Pace box though they always state that you cant specify which brand of box you get and that it just depends on what is on the van at the time - it therefore would suggest that if you have an early appointment you have more chance of getting the brand you want as if you are the last appointment of the day the engineer will probably only have the Amstrad boxes that everyone earlier in the day refused.

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