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I just wondered whether any of the longer term users may be able to offer me some advice on a problem I have with Sky+ ...

I have been using Sky + for approx. 4 months and am very happy with it. Over the past two months I have had the following problem twice:

When selecting a programme already recorded the select button does not seem to work, after much prsssing I finally get to view the recording but cannot fast forward or rewind or go "back up" to the menu. In fact turning off the box from the remote still leaves the front panel lit up showing something playing (the green circular light still travels around). The way around this, that I have found, is just to disconnect from the mains for a couple of seconds and the plug back in, everything is then OK.

Has anyone else experienced this proble and if so do they know of a longer term fix?

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turn it all off from the mains plug check your scart lead is pushed in then after a min or 2 turn it back on and try that


I've had something similar: whilst speeding backwards at 30x I press play and the picture stops as if paused although the play symbol shows. It wont play, it wont backup, it wont forward or reverse. To get out of it I press another options buttons such as Services. Then back again and it's fine. It saves powering off and on and stressing the box!

It may not work for you but it's worth a try.

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