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Hi all,

I was an early Sky+ subscriber and am still paying a £10 premium per month for having Sky+ over Sky Digital. Now Sky+ is the standard, should I be paying £10 less per month?

Anyone had this conversation with Sky?

Also when did Sky+ become the default installation?
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The only people who should still be paying the £10 a month for SKY+ are those who have no SKY Channel packages. If you have a channel package from 1 MIX upwards then you shouldn't be paying the £10 for SKY+, exactly what SKY services/packages do you have?

SKY+ is not the default product, the standard single tuner SKY box remains as such.


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Im not a total Sky expert however id guess the answer is yes.
Im a basic Sky sub and I get sky plus for free, just phined up said ive got a new box and its plus and it was done.
I think they actually withdrew that payment a goood while back.
Id phone them up and get it sorted, uts £10 extra a month now for HD, so sky+ should be certainly free.


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It's actually £9.75/month for non-Sky subscribers (since the VAT reduction).
Sky+ is free with a minimum 1Mix package and has been since July 2007.
Multiroom is £9.75/month

Check you bank statements/any correspondence from Sky/your Sky account online :

and if you have been paying too much, contact them

From the Sky T & C's

Sky+ functionality requires a Sky+ subscription (free for Sky TV customers, or £9.75 pm) and two satellite feeds.

Multiroom subscription: £9.75 pm. Provides the same Sky TV channels as your main Sky TV subscription on a box in another room


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Thanks all, I have the full package with movies and sky sports and pay about £57 per month including the extra tenner for multiroom.

I'll phone them and see if I can get a some money back for the period since July 07 as well.


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Well that sounds about right - so check your facts first

The complete Variety Mix + Sky Movies Pack + Sky Sports Pack is £46/month
Mutliroom is £9.75/month
TOTAL £55.75/month

Before the recent VAT decrease the total was £46.50+£10 = £56.50

The same prices apply whether it is Sky+ or a standard box

So,it seems what you're paying is correct
Check here by choosing your packages
Sky Packages - Digital TV, Broadband and Phone - Buy Now
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