Sky Plus not showing correct time remaining

Says only 14% remaining with only 20% or so used. What's going on? Had my Sky box replaced a couple of weeks ago as it was faulty.


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Certainly looks like whatever system SKY+ uses to calculate HS capacity and useage has been corrupted.
At times like this after a simple reboot has failed to correct the error a Full System Reset would be the next step. This of course will wipe the hard drive and reset it to it's native state when would solve the useage issues.


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Getting old Trevor:)

DTS Rocks !

Hi Blagmeister,i had that too,sorry,but the ONLY way is to do a full system reset,as already mentioned.Here is how to do it,just in case you don't already know...Go to Services...then hit 4..0..1..Select
Then select option 7.... FULL SYSTEM RESET..Should take about a minute,and it will shut itself off,but do not worry,usually comes back on in about a minute or so.Hope that helps. :smashin:
Thanks for your help DTS Rocks.

I had to unplug my box anyway to move stuff around and when I plugged it back in the prob seems to have corrected itself, which is nice. Though I'd have to do the housekeeping malarky, and there's neve a good time to do that.

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