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I'm thinking of joining the satellite watching millions, and Sky Plus seems very appealing. Apart from the extra £10 pm, the only problem I have is connecting it to the phone line. Logistically it is very difficult. Could anyone tell me if I need to have it connected, and what features I will miss out on if I don't connect it?
I'm aware that I'll probably have to connect it up whilst the engineer fits the system.


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The T&C's of the agreement say it has to be connected and if you are happy to ignore them then you'll eventually lose the abilty to order PPV and you may get a phone call or letter from SKY.

Software updates are via the satellite so a phone connection isn't an issue in that respect.


Had Sky+ and a mirror sub for a year and had sky full package since the start however many years that is .
Never had them connected to the phone line as you say just for the engineer as when they came to connect Sky+ they had a moan as i forgot to connect again for there arrival but just said oh yeah mustve tripped on the wire and let them do their stuff then took it all out again when they went and havn`t had any problems or never had any corrispondance for them .

oh and I connect again for about 30 seconds if ever I buy an event or ppv then take it out and it still works fine .

so as Starburst says I may get something but it just isn`t feisable for me to have wires all over the place .

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