Sky Plus locking problems


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I have recently had a Sky+ receiver installed. Whilst I have had no problems recording programmes, the box itself seems to lock up, sometimes 3-4 times a day.

Remote does not work (until 5-15 minutes later when all button presses happen at once), nor does the front panel. Only solution is to sit it out or switch the thing off/on.

I have tried a software download, but this does not seem to have made any difference.

Any ideas or is a case of ringing up Sky and getting a new box.


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Let's just say that out of the 3 manufacturers Pace is the one we go back to the least;). I would get it exchanged asap.
Cheers, Franc


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Have got in touch with Sky and yesterday had a Pace box installed. No problems so far so. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it turns out to be a bit more reliable than the Amstrad one.


had exactly the same, hard disc FUBAR swapped for pace 3 days ago, different world mate!!:smashin:

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