SKY Plus Box - Intermittent Flickering On Screen (S-Video cable)


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I am experiencing a a phenomenon where I have intermittent flickering on the projected image from my Sky Plus Box. It is loads of dashed lines flickering on the screen that lasts about five seconds at its worst. It doesn't happen very often - perhaps only once an hour. However, it appears to be random.

I used to have composite set up, and that never had this problem. I am currently using S-Video. The picture is better than composite, but this flickering every now and again is quite annoying.

I have the Pace Sky Plus Box - Model No: TDS470NB.

I must mention that I have my DVD player connected via S-Video as well, but that does not experience this problem; therefore, it could be satellite transmission interference.

Anyhow, if anyone knows what this is and knows how to fix it, it would be much appreciated if you could let me know.




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Assuming you don’t see the problem when using S-Video out from your DVD player using the same S-Video cable and S-Video Input on the TV you can point the finger at the S-Video socket or processing in the SKY box.

If you further don’t see this problem when using the SCART or RF Out on the SKY box then you can definitely point the finger at the SKY box.


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