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Sky Plus & 5.1


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I have a Sony HTK-215 home theatre but am unable to connect it up to my current Panasonic Sky digibox as there is no optical point, is there any way of hooking it all up so I can receive programmes in 5.1?

I presume there isn't so i'm looking to upgrade to Sky Plus. Can somebody just confirm that all I would need to do is connect an optic cable from the Sky+ box to the amplifier & I would receive everything in 5.1?

Many thanks!!



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As far as I know only the Sky Movies channels and The Disney Channel transmit 5.1 audio (obviously only the films that have a 5.1 mix). All the other channels do not broadcast true Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.


I don't think all movies channels do 5.1 as sometime the same film can be 5.1 and then not on another channel or day.

Sky should get the A into gear and do every movie channel and film in 5.1.

We are paying after all.



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Hi Jedwards

5.1 is only available with Sky + (Sky + boxes have adigital audio out). So you will have to upgrade to Sky + to enjoy 5.1. Yes you then just use a Optical digital cable. But as the others said only some things are broadcast in 5.1.



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Only Sky Movies 1,2 and 3 have DD 5.1, and only on Sky Plus as mentioned above.

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