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Can someone explain why the quality is terrible on Sky Go when watching football games? I'm watching on my Xbox 360 and currently have a 100MB connection from Virgin Media, any other video streaming service on the internet is superb but the quality of Sky Go/Sky Player is **bleep**, it's barely watchable.

I have a feeling it's to do with the traffic managing they do on Port 80, I could be wrong though. Does anyone know if Sky Go/Player on the 360 runs off of that port and if it's being slowed?

Anyone else having this problem? Any one else solved it?

Thanks in advance.
I find the Sky quality nothing special. I get the same quality on the free Sky news channel as I do on my indoor TV aerial.


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I tried to watch the Liverpool game last night and it was pretty awful indeed. Constantly switching between quality modes and the lowest is shocking, looks like someone has smeared Vaseline on the screen. Also after while is does genuinely make me feel a little ill especially on the worst setting. Before the game i had put Thundercats on CN for my son who is 11 months old and really wanted to watch it ;-) On that I could select quality modes apart from auto and I selected high and it streamed flawlessly, so either the bandwidth algorithm is fubar for auto or they dont have the bandwidth to supply when a big sporting event is on. Doubt it will be better for tonight's champions league game.

I have a 8.8mbps connection which is 1.1Mbps with a ping of 25ms and for everything else my connection is rock solid but not sky. Fair enough I could go downstairs and watch it in HD but that's not the point. I did try playing last nights game on the iPad at the same time and that looked fine but with the screen resolution on the ipad2 it tends to make lower res stuff more acceptable that an LCD screen.


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sorry if im jacking the thread but didn't want to start a new one if the anser to my question is just something simple.

everytime i try to watch sky player on my xbox it knocks all the sound (sound effect,sky sound) off my xbox 360 and i dont get any sound back until i reset my xbox any ideas how i can solve this?

i have my xbox connected to my tv with an HDMI cable and all games and music play sound fine its just when i try using sky player it all goes off

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