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When watching programmes recorded on Sky+ sometimes the picture and sound flashes on and off. It mostly happens in commercial breaks but sometimes (not often) it happens during the program.
It's a thompson Sky+ connected by scart to a Samsung 42" Plasma.
Could it be a setting problem on the Sky box or the TV maybe?

Cheers :smashin:


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It could be a faulty or loose scart lead.
It would be best to replace this first to rule it out.


I have the same problem,my samsung came yesterday and had this problem as soon as i did play back... doesnt happen often but as soon as i click tv guide it stops so it looks like its the sky + box even though this didnt happen on my old tv. There was another post about the same problem, he said he had sky swap it for a thompson sky + box..... but i have a thompson.... so may ring sky and see if its a compatable problem, im thinking of buying a sky HD box.. wonder if they have the same problem... please let me know if you fix the problem, i have the samsung 40 inch LCD


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Try turning scart control off. My tv isnt a Samsung but when scart control is on my plasma picture freezes and jumps about.

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