Sky planner knackered - Disillusioned with Sky

Steve Kelly

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So my Sky planner broke last night. Called the number it gave me. They talked me through Sky+ Rebuild, and left me to it. it didn't fix the issue.
Called them back, the next option was to do a complete box restore, and he said "and that will lose everything you currently have recorded on the planner, is that ok?"
No, it's not ok, was my reply.
Engineer coming tomorrow, but I don't hold out much hope.

Anyone faced this same issue and had it successfully fixed by a Sky engineer, without losing recordings on planner?

Funny, only earlier this week was thinking how expensive Sky is, and how little me & the missus watch TV. Thinking of canning it anyway. I guess the outcome of this little shenanigans might influence a short-term decision.

Also, a question best posted in another sub-forum, i'm sure...

Anyone with Panasonic Viera TV... is there anything on Viera content equivalent to Netflix? Like a 1-stop shop for all/mostfilms and TV series's?
(the question is based on me not finding Netflix on Viera last time I looked)



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Looks like Sky issued an updated version of the EPG overnight, this may have caused your problems, it works well.
If the engineer does a rebuild or even fits a new box I dont think there is any way to save your recordings, someone more technical might know different.

Stevenage Neil

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First thing I would have done would be a Power Off, Power On again.
If that didn't fix it, then a Forced Software Update.
The Sky "engineer" will most likely just replace your box with a refurbished one.


They don't use engineers for this sort of thing, but they try to charge £65 for whoever it is that they send - did they tell you that?
As S N says the employee only fixes anything that you could do yourself, such as the Power cycle and Software update, and can only replace the machine.

Steve Kelly

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he said if it was out of warranty it would cost £65, I said I only got it in Nov, he said if it's in warranty I won't get charged. he confirmed I got it in Nov 2011.
I think I will call them and check though, confirmed I'm not gonna get charged.
Good reminder, thanks.
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That's OK about the charge then but all the more reason for not wanting the machine replaced with an old one.
On your other question Pana's web site should show you what applications they have for your TV.

Steve Kelly

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Just to conclude this thread (for if anyone else searching on here on the same topic).
Skyman just been, hard drive kaput, couldn't save my planner recordings, replaced with (brand) new box.

Just looked on Anytime+ for the 2 shows that I didn't want to lose (a few backed up episodes of each). Sopranos is nowhere to found (gutted. Hello BR boxset. Best show ever). And Friday Night Lights only goes back a couple of shows, but can pick that one up again easy enough, no loss there.

Ah well, at least I got a new box! and I can record, etc again!

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