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I have today had a Sky+ system installed under the new discounted Sky+ box & mirror sub scheme.

Having watched various satellite channels for a while, the picture quality doesn't look to be nearly as good as it was before when using my old Pace digibox. This has been moved into one of our bedrooms, and although it is if difficult to judge accurately as the TV's are hugely different, the picture on this seems to be just as good as it was before.

The problem is most noticeable on a white background when there are only what I can call faint diagonal line across the picture. The lines are not obvious on non-white background but the picture appreciably less sharp than before.

I did check the Signal Strength and Quality but this is actually higher than it was before the install so I suspect the problem has nothing to do with alignment of the dish. I have been through the basic picture set-up and the settings such as RGB, widescreen , etc. are the same as before.

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing anything obvious or do I need to call Sky back out? Could it be a problem with the box or even the cabling?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Perhaps a little RF interference from the new digibox?
There shouldn't be any sort of disturbance in a picture sent via scart or s-video unless it's from an outside source, are you using the same scart cable on SKY+ as you used on the previous box?
Have you checked the RF output of the two digiboxes to see if they are different and is there any RF connection between the SKY+ and TV?

Once you've checked all these swap the two boxes over and see how they cope with eachothers cables.

Thanks for your response.

There is no RF connection on the new box at all, only two scarts, one to the TV, one to the VCR. Both are the same cables that were in use before with no problems.

I have switched the two boxes and checked both feeds from the satellite dish with the old digibox, both of which give better pictures than I am getting out of the Sky+ box. The only assumption I can make is that there is perhaps some slight fault with the Sky+ box.

I will be phoning Sky today to get someone to have a look at it.

Any further comments would be welcomed.

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