sky picture & menus off centre on tv


my grundig digi box has taken to moving all output to the right of my tv. have checked all conections & contacted sky direct, but to my ammazement they say its a sycronization problem & therefore not solvable.
their only suggestion was to replace the tv, ( I wish!)
the shift is so bad that the logos at top right of the screen are cut in half, (good thing I here you cry).
the tv is an old Toshiba 4:3 ( this could be the excuse I need to push the wife into a new 32"widescreen)
has any body else had this & Is there any cure?:devil:
Connect the digibox using a RGB scart, on some TV's this moves the picture to the left.
SKY are probably right that it's a synchronisation problem with the television, if you can access the service menu then there should be some options for correcting it.
$ky are probably right on this occasion !
Have you found this effect in all modes (RGB, composite , s-video if yours is one of the Grundigs that has it & the TV has it) ?
The sync. mechanism is different for the different modes (as I know only too well in my work role as a Field Applications Engineer for a USA company that makes , amongst, other things, video ICs).

Chris Muriel, Manchester
I had this problem with my picture when I had Sky+ installed last year and at the time my tv was only 6 months old.

My only solution was to find out how to access the service menus on my tv and shift the picture over myself. Its been fine eversince.

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