Sky+ picture,anyone else suffer?

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Feb 21, 2004
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Just splashed out some hard earned cash on a sony kv32fx68 tv which i am delighted with until i watch sky+!!
I've just got this tv which replaced an aging 25" jvc but the picture is not as good as before,i started off by buying a good quality scart lead which has made a slight improvement in sound & picture quality but i'm still getting a poor picture on certain channels,its really noticeable when i watch football,rugby & cricket on sky moving images seem to "blur" & some channels create a "smear" effect.
Is this normal or can i do something to eliminate it?
Some channels (which i dont watch thankfully!) are very pixelly,does anybody suffer this problem or just me?

It's probably the television's 100Hz processing that's doing it.
Digital processing which is becoming the norm for modern TV's does not like anything less than perfect picture sources which is why they work ok with analogue and DVD images.
All digital TV is broadcast at less than perfect bitrates (or at least compromised due to cash considerations) regardless of the platform and problems that were invisible on a 50hz smallish screen become evident on a larger screen with lots of extra processing going on.

If you can not turn the extra processing systems off then there is not a lot you can do about it without spending a lot of money.
Well, I run a 32" toshiba at 100Hz from a sky+ box and the picture is generally excellent. Occasionally I get digital artefacts/blocking but only when the weather is foul and the dish fills with water.

Maybe you should check you sky signal level? Also, are you sure you have not inadvertently connected the wrong sky scart to the TV during the move? The VHS scart does not put out RGB.

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