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Hi everyone!

Apologies if I've posted this twice. Internet Explorer gave me a "page not found" message when I posted first time...

I have a very specific problem with my Sky viewing. Sky movie channels 1,2, 8 and most recently 3 pixelate and freeze on me. The problem is intermittent and hugely annoying. The sound distorts or disappears too. At it's worst the picture and sound will freeze and then maybe jump forward 20 seconds later and freeze again.

Sky came out on Friday, changed the STB for a reconditioned Panasonic TU-DSB 20 and also changed the thing on the middle of the dish. It was fine for 2 hours and then went horribly wrong again (I now get a blue screen for the above channels or a rotten picture if I'm lucky).

I have a Sky installed connection to a second TV. It's the same on both so I know it's not the TV set. Any ideas? They're coming back tomorrow and they don;t seem to have many :(

Thanks for listening !



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If you have the same problem on another Sky box connected to the same dish, it can only really be one of two things:

A) The LNB (the thing in the middle of the dish), or
B) The dish itself, either mis-aligned or damaged.

Quite why it would only affect certain channels is a bit of a mystery to me, but I would insist that they fit a new dish and LNB.

Good luck!
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