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Why are Sky so fussy about having your phone line connected?

I've ordered a new multiroom card for my spare box, and they're insisting I connect it to the phone line, else I'll be charged.

I said I'd do it if need be, but was there any chance I could not bother just for that box since it'll be a hassle to run a cable, and I already have my HD box and other multiroom box connected to the phone line.

But they said it must be done.

Just wondered why they're so bothered about it.


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They insist you have it connected via a phone line to prove you have it in the same house. Else you could install it at a relative's house who dont subscribe to Sky and they would get your subscription package for the £10 cost on the extra multiroom card.

Jimmo 32

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And they are keen on the phone line,with multiroom they will send you a letter to reinstate the phone line,or you will be charged 2 sets of subs.The box needs to make call backs every so often to prove you have the box at the same address,as norvell explained.


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Nothing wrong with Sky's request for multiroom, its there way of checking you are using correctly for the subsidised price as highlighted above.

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