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OK. We currently have a Sky+ V1 and the box is now getting constantly full of where we want to keep stuff. We have a Pioneer DVD Writer in the PC and the only way we can output from the sky box is S-Video since we are using the RGB Scart to take the signal to the TV when we don't want the amp on.

I've seen people sort of talking about these sweetspot/vmagic cards etc and DScalers. Since this is going to be on a normal TV once burnt does it still need to be done and what is going to be the best card (Not overly expensive but don't mind paying for better quality. Are there any that will deal with Macrovision (I know the Vmagic does) and what programs will you need?

I know from a previous post that the Vmagic card converts to MPEG-II on the fly so I persume it's just a case of finding the correct programs.

Sorry for all the questions, hopefully you lot can sort us out.:lesson: :rolleyes: :thumbsup:


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If you don't mind a bit of a technical challenge then do what I do:

£30ish Pinnacle PCTV Rave card

download custom drivers for BTwhatever-it-is-chip-this-card-uses here:


Install VirtualDub:


Now you need a codec that works with your machine and you're happy with, I use PICVideo MJPEG:


Now you can capture at full PAL resolution (the out the box drivers and software for the PCTV Rave card don't allow this). So you need a few Gb per hour for top quality.

Finally, get to grips with TMPGEnc:


To convert to MPEG2.

And last but not least use their DVD-Author package and Nero to burn to a DVD!

No need for Sweetspot/DScaler, and I've not had a problem with Macrovision - although I haven't captured from Sky BoxOffice which I suspect is Macrovision protected.

Now it is up to you to decide if the above is worth a few hundred quid spent on a set top box DVD Recorder, which is the alternative. Bear in mind that the results won't be as good, unless you are happy with only an hour of video on a DVD-R.

Using the above solution with a bit of care and you can get nearly 4 hours of Sky quality video on a single DVD-R.

Hope that helps

PS I should add as a guide that with a 2.8GHz Hyperthreading P4 type setup to burn a 1hr show from Sky onto DVD goes a bit like:

1 hour to capture
10 mins to edit out adverts in either VirtualDub or TMPGEnc
45 mins to 90 mins to encode to MPEG2 depending on quality
15ish mins to author
15ish mins to burn
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