Sky+ partly installed by me - will Sky get awkward?


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I've taken the plunge and ordered though Sky themselves a Sky+ and a mirror sub Sky to be 'installed' (for £0) next Tuesday. :D

The thing is, I've already laid all the necessary CT100 cable from the lounge and bedroom up through the loft. I've also fitted a Triax Zone 2 Sky oval dish to the gable end apex (6.2m high), the loft cabling already put through the wall to the dish (and siliconed).

All the guy has to do is:
- Fit the LNB
- Terminate cables and connect to LNB
- Align dish
- Connect the boxes (cable 'room ends' already fitted with F conn's)

I'm assuming he won't have a problem with this :confused:

If he is happy, will I have to sign some disclaimer for the installed gear?

Anyones' experince of this scenario greatly appreciated.


I laid my own CT100 cable while I was renovating my place and the Sky engineer was more than happy just to install the dish and fit F connectors at the end of each cable run ...


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I don't think the installer will have a problem and an installer on a warranty call out should just see a Zone 2 dish with a proper LNB etc all with the paperwork for a genuine SKY installation.
I very much doubt you would be required to sign anything by the original installer, might be worth keeping the Zone1 dish though, it is yours:)

I would hope that a simple LNB install and alignment along with the good cable run should mean any problems would only come from the SKY+ itself and a swap out is the normal procedure anyway.


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Despite it saying not to on the box, I unpacked and installed everything. The installer arrived, put up the new LNB and the additional cable to the back of the box and thanked me for saving him time!!


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Thanks for the reassurance everybody. :thumbsup:

Believe me, I have every intention of getting a Zone 1 dish off the installer (and some cable perhaps) :cool:

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