Sky+->Panny DMR-85E->TH42PE - connections?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by rtownend, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I'm taking delivery of the new Panasonic TH42PE TV & DMR-E85 DVD/HD recorder on Friday.

    Can anyone give me a comprehensive run-down of how best to connect these together for optimal quality and maximum options. Below are a couple of the ideas I'm trying to get my head around:

    - Sky+ connected to 85E for recording from Sky
    - I believe this will also convert the Sky+ signal, via the 85E, to achieve progressive scan output to the TV
    - If the above is correct, I assume the E85 will need to be switched on for this to happen i.e. it doesn't by any chance do this passively even whilst in stand-by mode does it? (hopeful I know :)
    - Will I also need to connect the Sky+ box directly to the TV via RGB? I'm thinking here that if you're using the E85 for copying or something else you'll still need the direct connection between the Sky+ & TV to effectively remove the E85 from the chain and let it get on with it's own thing
    - The TV has the Freeview tuner built in whilst the E85 has analogue. I'm sure I read somewhere that you could use the built-in TV Freeview tuner to feed the signal to the E85 i.e. digital signals available from both Sky+ & terrestrial. How is this achieved? With normal set-up's you'd feed the terrestrial aerial into the recorder first, is this simply reversed and fed to the TV first and then the E85?
    - If this is possible what happens if you want to record onto the E85 whilst watching another digital Freeview chanel on the TV? In other words, if the Freeview tuner is otherwise engaged would the E85 revert to it's in-built analogue tuner?
    - Finally.... Does the standard Panasonic code work for setting up the Sky+ handset for basic operation with this TV?

    Hope these questions are OK and someone can help me with the answers. Not sure if I'm over-complicating things here :blush:

    TIA for any answers/help

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